This page outlines some learnings from a few of the companies I've started.

Rental Hub

Learning 1: Define your business model before opening a bank account and registering a company.

Learning 2: Don’t get caught up with what your logo and website look like for MVP.

Lean Startup - Eric Ries

Lean UX - Jeff Gothelf


Learning 3: Get yourself a side hustle.

Learning 4 Have a mission. A statement that aligns and motivates everyone in your team.

Tip 5: Be passionate about what you are working on but be realistic about how you approach it, don't quit your job or drop out of uni until you've validated your market and identified your users.

Summer of Dev

Tip 6: Learn finance and understand cash flow.

  • Pay yourself last
  • Spend less than you earn
  • Avoid bank loans at all costs.
  • Understand which taxes you will be liable for.

Learning 7: Ask for help. Get yourself a trusted mentor or advisor asap.

Learning 8: Take your mental health seriously.

Learning 9: Go to as many events as possible.

Learning 10: Never stop learning.

Here is a list of my favourite podcasts: (in no particular order)

Any questions feel free to reach out.